Trust me, I'm a developer

I'm a 25 years old nerd, passionate by web development, RPG's, fantasy books, Belgian beers and computers.

I write in JavaScript, PHP, Python, HTML and CSS. I can talk to databases and make servers do stuff.

Recent writings...

A year at Altavia Act*

When I arrived at Altavia Act*, they had one big (huge) server that would host everything, `titan` they called it. It hosted about 150 different websites (both production and staging environment).

On April 17th 2018

What is this ?

Or, why and how I created this static blog to post stuff that are on my mind.

On February 7th 2018

Recap of 2017 and what I expect of 2018

In 2017 I got a great job, lost 17kg, start running and exercizing. What 2018 going to be like ?

On February 1st 2018

Invest in you, not only in your resume

The importance of who you are on a personal level is as important as who you are on paper.

On September 18th 2017