Dieter Stinglhamber

Dieter Stinglhamber

Back-end Developer

I'm a 26 years old nerd, passionate by web development, RPG's, fantasy books, Belgian beers and computers.

I write in JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS. I can talk to databases and make servers do stuff.


I have a Bachelor Degree in System and network administration and a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering.

The former was achieve in a Belgian university in 2015, where the later was the result of a year in Ireland (in Athlone) with the Erasmus program.


My first job was as a Cloud Backend Engineer, which is just a fancy title to hide the fact that I was a Fullstack Developer. I worked for a telecom company that specialized in Unified Communication.

I learned AngularJS (1.4) and worked on their legacy PHP (5.3 with custom framework).

After a year I quit to join a small startup as a Web Developer. I worked on their SaaS solution, a task management tool. We build it using Laravel and VueJS. When my contract ended, I decided not to continue working there due to difference of opinion with the CEO.

I finally join Altavia Act* as a Back-end Developer. I've been working there for over a year now (I joined in March 2017). In addition to being the only back-end developer, I'm also handling the Ops side of our work (deploiments and server maintenance) and I am Code Owner for all new projects.

My responsabilities are mainly to deliver clean, optimized, tested and functionnal Laravel based products. As Code Owner I review all commits and ensure that the code we deliver is matching our standards.

Outside of work

In my personal time I like to read (mostly Heroic Fantasy books) and play video games. I also enjoy boardgames and table tob RPGs (both as player and dungeon master).

In 2017 I challenged myself to run 365km during the whole year. I started seriously to run around July, and in 4 month I achieved that goal. In October 2017 I ran the Brussels Half-Marathon and the 20km des Ardennes and I'm currently training (lazely) for the 2018 Brussels Marathon.